hubby d suddenly decided that we go swimming last sunday. it was 9 in the morning and the kids just finished breakfast…well, what a nice thought. it’s been awhile since we went swimming. we decided to go to the swimming pool near our place, hilltop resort.

after hastily packing the kids’ extra shirts and pants, a towel, water, and sme essentials. we were off…yeehee!!! when we arrived there, a group of children and their parents were busily surrounding the fee collector. entrance fee for adult is P25, while it’s P15 for children. we waited…and finally decided to changes venue…my eldest son protested. with the size of the group before us, the pool wasn’t big enough…

so off we went to pasonanca park, to the tanada swimming pool…it consist of an olympic size pool, a medium sized rectangular pool and a circular pool for children…since it’s el nino time, only the children’s pool has water. the tanada pool does have water, but only knee length since it was up for cleaning…

so we dived into the kiddie pool…bruugh!!! the water was cold. but, my k did not mind. i thought that he wouldn’t enjoy it because the last time we went swimming, he was afraid of the water. what can you expect from a one year old child? hubby d was surprised, too. he accompanied my eldest son, d, while i was incharge of k...

the time went by fast…my little k did not want to go home. so does little d…but lunchtime was fast approaching and we did not bring any food except for some mamon and water. one our way home, we stopped by dodong’s lechon and bought a half kilo of lechon for lunch…

thank you for making my little boy’s wish come true…


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