cheese sticks


i love cheese…well, the cheeses that i have tasted at this point in my life, that is. they consist of queso de bola, pasteurized cheeses, and the cheeses in pizzas which is mainly parmesan and mozarella. i have yet to try the american, italian and other types of cheese. from where i come from, these imported cheeses are available in the only gourmet store in our city, La Tienda. boy, are they expensive. i asked my brother, who is in the U.S., to send me some.

i love food that is fried…sorry, high cholesterol po. so, when they invented the cheese sticks, i tried it and love it ever since. cheese sticks are made of cheese cut into tiny sticks (depending on the size you want), and wrapped in molo or lumpia wrapper (edible wrappers made of flour and water). one box of eden cheese is enough for 100 pieces of molo wrappers. deep fry in hot oil over medium heat until golden brown.

you can make a dip to accompany it. my dip consist of mayonnaise, catsup, crushed garlic, cumin, a little sugar, and liquid seasoning. you can concoct a dip of your own according to your taste. i still have to perfect the cooking process, though. because of the thickness of the cheese, it oozes out of the wrapper before the wrapper is cooked. the result is burnt cheese in your oil. maybe a deep fryer will do the rick. well, i have to practice some more, because practice makes perfect. not only will i perfect the cooking process, i get to eat a lot of cheese sticks.


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