yummy seafood


On a recent trip to Dipolog City for an official travel, our team was fortunate enough to dine for lunch at Ann’s Seafoods. We were actually planning to eat at Grandma’s, another cozy resto that serves continental fare such as pasta and sandwiches. Upon the insistence of our teammates and hosts, they took us to Ann’s. The place at the ground floor was full, as it was past 12 noon when we arrived. We headed upstairs to their conference room.

Our group ordered grilled blue marlin, kinilaw, calamares, chopsuey, and fish tinola. It took a while before our orders arrived but it was worth the wait. I even forgot to take pictures before we devoured the food. Boy, were we hungry. I can see by the look on my friends’ faces that we were more than contented. Thanks Mam Evelyn for bringing us here. Thanks, also, Mam Meriam for the libre.Hehehe…

For all you travellers out there who will pass by Dipolog City, do try Ann’s Seafood. It’s the best tasting, freshest seafood dishes I have ever tasted. Bon Appetit.


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