rice crisis…


The Philippines is suffering from rice crisis in two ways. First, there is perceived shortage of NFA rice, a more affordable variety of rice available to most poor people, and second, businessmen are taking advantage of this by increasing the price of well milled and high quality rice.

Taking stock of the situation, my thoughts came upon the Food for School Program of the Department of Education and the Arroyo Administration, which I wrote about in this blog.
What will happen to the thousands of school children who receive one kilo of rice per day during the course of the school year? What will happen to their families who depend on them and encourage them to attend school just to have one kilo of rice on their table?

I read in a major daily newspaper that the Secretary of the Department of Education assured the public that the Program will continue because they have the budget to cover for the rice allocation needs of the beneficiaries. That’s good news.

This crisis may be good news to diabetics. It’s a chance for them to cut down on the carbs intake and look for alternative food choices that is healthy and nutritious. This is all for now.


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