Cebu Adventures Part 1


I have been to Cebu last July. It’s my first real vacation for a long, long time. Actually, it was a business trip. The first food trip that I wanted to do was eat dimsum and pasta. We arrived in Cebu at around 5:30 p.m. It took us nearly an hour to get to out hotel at Colon Street. We were tired from the flight so going to the mall was out of the question. After dinner, we went to see the bustle of activities at the Colon Night Market. I did not take any picture for fear of snatchers. They are known to snatch your celfone away…hehehe.

The road was filled with makeshift shops selling everything from clothing to accessories, from kitchenwares to all kinds of food stuff. I saw a vendor selling qwek qwek, quail eggs coated with orange colored coating. wow sarap…my two companions did not dare eat it. Oh well, they missed this delicious street food delicacy. A few years back, when my whole family was vacationing here, we bought qwek qwek from a vendor in the middle of the road. At the same time, the traffic enforcers were rounding up illegal vendors. The vendor ran, along with our purchase. We ran after the vendor and got our precious qwek qwek. Hahaha…what a happy memory. After that, we went to Gaisano and window shopped. I made a mental note of what I will buy there in case we would go back the next day. Then we headed back to the hotel and rested.

During my second day in Cebu, we attended the opening program of the conference and then headed off to Chong Hua Hospital, where my boss looked for an Eye doctor to have his eyes checked. We did not know anybody and so we asked around. The hospital staff were courteous enough to make suggestions. We decided to return in the afternoon. Then we went to Ayala Mall and ate lunch there. These are photos of several food stores at the food court. I ordered rice toppings at Dimdum Break and my boss ordered lechone and dinuguan at C n T Lechon. Mmmmm…delicious. C n T Lechon serves the best lechon in Cebu. I even saw Koreans and other foreigners sampling their delicious lechon and rice wrapped in coconut leaves.

Then we went around the mall. I bought a few things for pasalubong. We headed back to Chong Hua Hospital. I waited while he had his eye checked. The check up lasted for two hours. My butt was numbed from sitting and my back was aching from the air conditioned environment. The hospital has first class amenities, just like a five star hotel. My boss had eight kinds of equipment check his eyes. And he paid P1,000 for all the tests. After that, we headed to SM Mall. We troured the mall first before eating dinner. Time is just too short to enjoy a leisurely tour around the mall. Maybe tomorrow we can have the time.


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  1. Masarap yung lechon…balat pa lang masarap na kasi malutong at malasa ito. Yung laman as in sobra…kakaiba sa ibang lechon… Maganda rin pagtanggap sa amin…To lechoncebu, maraming salamat po. Hindi lang masarap ang lechon nyo…the best kayo!

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