Love Affair with Paper


The other day I happen to pass by Fancy Haus on my way to Human Nature. Fancy Haus is a small store selling almost everything, like school and office supplies, toys, knick knacks, household supplies, bags, hair accessories, home decors and a lot more. I said to myself as I entered the store that I would just take a peek at new stuff they are selling. I ended up paying P300 plus worth of stationery and stickers. I just can’t stay away from those cute pastel sticky notepads of different shapes and sizes. I once saw them at a recent Christmas bazaar and they sell twice as much. So I grabbed the chance even if I just had enough money on my wallet. Knowing the marketing trend in the city, these things will be off the shelf in a few weeks without the chance of being sold again. Good thing I did not give in during the Christmas bazaar or else I will be knocking my head for shelling out double the price as it is now. What a happy addition to my growing collection of stationery. Just thinking about it transports me back in time when I was a little girl and I would collect cute Hello Kitty stationery. Well, good luck to the next stationery hunting…


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