Blogging and Me


At first, I was just curious about this blogging thing. I started to read about food blogs, then life blogs. Then, I created my own blog, first at Blogger then at WordPress. To date, I have three blogs at Blogger, one about my daily struggles in life, second about my travels and the food I discover along the way, and third about my experiences as a cook and food lover. The one at WordPress is a summary of all three. I tried to link both and was successful the first time. Lately, the importing process just would not work.

I envision myself writing blog entries often to all my blogs. Sigh…sad to say, the stories which I plan to write got stuck on my mind, until another story starts to form and the old one is buried and forgotten. For instance, in my ‘travel and food’ blog, I have been to many local places and have sampled many sumptuous dishes and yet they end up as memories in my mind and added inches on my waist. Nothing was written about them. Also, I have experimented and whipped up many dishes that got a stamp of approval from my family, and before I can get a picture and write about my experience, the food gets devoured in no time. Again, all I have are memories in my mind.

I envision myself losing weight and getting back in shape. But alas, the more I think about losing weight, the more I’m putting food in my mouth and gaining extra pounds instead. Another thing that I wanted to do is teach and impart what I learned to young kids. And yet, I haven’t filled up that form and applied for a part-time teaching job at my alma mater.

I have so many dreams in my mind. All I need are concrete steps to make them happen. That’s why I am such a sucker for success stories, for stories of courage and will power, and stories of people overcoming their barriers and reaching for their dreams. I hope I will also have such a story to tell.

My birthday is coming up soon and I hope to make a pact with myself to make basic, concrete steps, however small. Maybe it’s better if I put all these in writing so I can come up with a plan on how to make these dreams a reality. Small, baby steps. Maybe that is enough for now.


Health is WEALTH


healthy-body-jog3 There is truth to the adage that ‘Health is WEALTH!”

My husband and I are both working. It is important that we are always in shape because our chief capital for our  work is our health. I have sort of promised to myself this year that I will monitor my food intake and do some exercise so I can manage my weight. I hope to shed a few pounds and hopefully a few kilos by the end of 2009.  It’s already March and I still have to convince myself that I need to have some sort of concrete plan to make this a reality. I come from a family with a health history of heart disease and diabetes. My mom keeps on reminding me that I need to curb my appetite in order to manage my weight and not to gain more weight. But, my love affair with food says so otherwise. I need to really get my weight down. May you witness my journey to good health. So help me God.

Sweet Reunions


Christmas is that time of the year when you just have to set aside a day for reunions.Last Christmas, I did not expect to have booked not only one day, but lots of days for sweet reunions.

Here is a picture of me with my cousins. At last, they invited me to join them on their night out…Actually, I invited myself…hehehe. It was a Saturday night. I attended our high school alumni homecoming when I saw my brother at the school. He told me that after the homecoming he will join my cousins for some cocktails at Catribo. Since I don’t have a ride home, I joined them. Wow…I did not regret my decision. Being the eldest among all cousins present, I relegated myself to being an observer and let them run the show…With our generation gap, I find it strange that they enjoy this kind of entertainment. My brother warned me beforehand, no comment please. I would have nejoyed a more relaxed and quieter ambience. Oh oh..I am getting older…hahaha.

How about this picture, minus me, of my high school classmates during our alumni homecoming. I was the one taking the picture. I like it that way…just a wallflower, a casual observer, taking it all in in my little corner of the world…I can’t express the happiness I felt when I spent some time with my high school pals. We will host our alumni homecoming six years from now. We have lots of plans and hopefully we can make it happen when our time comes. Hello to Maxxy who came all the way from Kuwait just to be with us and her family this Christmas season. Thanks for sharing your time with us Mems.

Here’s another picture of my high school pals this time at 3rd Cup with Jerico Marcos, who have resided in Davao. He was in town to attend his brother’s wedding and we could not pass the chance to meet him. It has been six years since we had been together. Four hours lounging in a relaxing atmosphere is not enough when conversations are full. We can;t seem to run out of topics to talk about. He’s planning to migrate abroad with his family. It seems to be the trend these days. Much as we like to do the same, we just don’t have the financial edge to go for it.

Well, this is a sum of my reunions with my family and friends. No matter how short the time that we spent together, it’s much better than not having spent time at all. To my family and friends, thanks for making this Christmas season one of the most memorable time in my life.

Working Mom #2 : Mental Block


so many things to do…but so little time…

my things to do list is getting longer and longer as the days go by…it’s crunch time…we have to finish our interim report by September 30…the documents we’ve requested are slowly coming in…working papers remain half-finished, if at all…and my mind goes blank as i stare at the wall to decide on my next move…if there is a next move…hahaha

so, i laugh it off…bwahahaha…after this i am going on a loooooong deserved vacation…and take advantage of my five day force leave and force myself to forget about work and recharge my mind…i can do tons of things…but let me think about that later…now, time is precious…every second counts…tick tock tick tock…oh no, i can hear the clock ticking…in my head…oh great!!!

focus your eyes on something green…to refresh your eyes and your mind…are you kidding??? the curtains in our office is green but i don’t even notice it…hahaha…

so i hope against hope with my fingers crossed that i can come up with something concrete (like an AOM…hehehe) to present before our conference on Sept. 17-18…so back to the drawing board…be critical…be analytical…consider all red flags…and DELIVER!!! (pizza???)

sorry if i sound greek to you…but to my fellow cluster four teammates…these are meaningful, powerful words…see you at the conference guys…and may HIS WILL BE DONE!!!

take care and Godbless…


The Jeepney Chronicles



Hello world…

I have been a passenger of jeepneys ever since I learned to use mass transport as a means of travel. In Zamboanga City, there are only two means of public transport, the tricycle, which is sort of taxi in our part of the country, and the jeepney. The tricycle is like a taxi here. The drivers charge an expensive fare and once you flag one down, you become the exclusive passenger. Unlike in other parts of the country where the tricycle can pick up several passengers along th way. I am not fond of riding tricycles. My preferred means of transport is the jeepney. I only ride the tricycle only when absolutely necessary.

This post is the start of a series of post about adventures in riding the jeepney. I rode the jeepney everyday, except Sundays. I ride it on my way to work and in going to town. When I started working in an agency (short for government agency), particularly in our local university, I was fortunate enough to ride just one jeepney on my way to the office. The minimum fare way back 2001 was still P4.00. When I got married in 2002, we moved in a barangay which required me to ride the jeepney twice, once in going to town then another one in going to my office. When my pregnancy was near its full term, I had no choice but to ride the tricycle. But, the fare back then was cheaper than it was now.

We moved to a barangay where my parents live. I only have to ride the jeepney once in going to the office. The fare became P5.00. Today, the minimum fare is P7.00. The fare to my destination is P8.00. So you see, the fare has doubled in seven years. This is mainly due to the rising price of oil in the world market. But I won’t delve much into that.

According to Wikipedia and its related sources, Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II, and are well-known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating. They have also become a symbol of Philippine culture. The word jeepney comes from two words,   “jeep” and “jitney”. Accordingly, it is called the “King of the Road.”

Well, this is all for now. More stories from a jeepney ride to come…



Cebu Adventures Part 1


I have been to Cebu last July. It’s my first real vacation for a long, long time. Actually, it was a business trip. The first food trip that I wanted to do was eat dimsum and pasta. We arrived in Cebu at around 5:30 p.m. It took us nearly an hour to get to out hotel at Colon Street. We were tired from the flight so going to the mall was out of the question. After dinner, we went to see the bustle of activities at the Colon Night Market. I did not take any picture for fear of snatchers. They are known to snatch your celfone away…hehehe.

The road was filled with makeshift shops selling everything from clothing to accessories, from kitchenwares to all kinds of food stuff. I saw a vendor selling qwek qwek, quail eggs coated with orange colored coating. wow sarap…my two companions did not dare eat it. Oh well, they missed this delicious street food delicacy. A few years back, when my whole family was vacationing here, we bought qwek qwek from a vendor in the middle of the road. At the same time, the traffic enforcers were rounding up illegal vendors. The vendor ran, along with our purchase. We ran after the vendor and got our precious qwek qwek. Hahaha…what a happy memory. After that, we went to Gaisano and window shopped. I made a mental note of what I will buy there in case we would go back the next day. Then we headed back to the hotel and rested.

During my second day in Cebu, we attended the opening program of the conference and then headed off to Chong Hua Hospital, where my boss looked for an Eye doctor to have his eyes checked. We did not know anybody and so we asked around. The hospital staff were courteous enough to make suggestions. We decided to return in the afternoon. Then we went to Ayala Mall and ate lunch there. These are photos of several food stores at the food court. I ordered rice toppings at Dimdum Break and my boss ordered lechone and dinuguan at C n T Lechon. Mmmmm…delicious. C n T Lechon serves the best lechon in Cebu. I even saw Koreans and other foreigners sampling their delicious lechon and rice wrapped in coconut leaves.

Then we went around the mall. I bought a few things for pasalubong. We headed back to Chong Hua Hospital. I waited while he had his eye checked. The check up lasted for two hours. My butt was numbed from sitting and my back was aching from the air conditioned environment. The hospital has first class amenities, just like a five star hotel. My boss had eight kinds of equipment check his eyes. And he paid P1,000 for all the tests. After that, we headed to SM Mall. We troured the mall first before eating dinner. Time is just too short to enjoy a leisurely tour around the mall. Maybe tomorrow we can have the time.



happy 35th birthday…this was what’s left of my birthday cake from red ribbons, a gift from my mom. next to the cake is a number five candle which i saved from my son’s 5th birthday last april 20. it took me this long to write about what happened during my birthday. it was a birthday celebrated with mixed feelings. i celebrated my birthday with my extended family the day before my actual birthday, which was a holiday since the independence day was moved to this day, because of the holiday economics proclaimed by the president. my brother was leaving for Pagadian City the next day, that’s why we decided to celebrate it a day before. For my actual birthday, I filed a privilege leave from work and spent the day with my husband and children.

the two days seem like a blur, just like the photo of my birthday cake. the day before my birthday, i had a vertigo attack. i had these attacks before but this one was worse. i felt my head spinning and losing my balance. i went to store to buy my son a bag for school. the good thing was my father was in the same store. he took me to my cousin, who is a doctor. after a thorough check up, she concluded that i had benign positional vertigo and i had to see an EENT doctor for further test. in the afternoon, my husband was free, so we went to a specialist. after the check up, he gave the same conclusion and prescribed SERC for two weeks. since we didn’t have time to cook, we just ordered take out for the party.

it was a simple party. we had beef with broccoli, seafood roll, buttered chicken, pansit canton, fruit salad and the birthday cake from my mom. my mom was not able to attend because she was not feeling well. my father, sister, brother and cousin were there. we took pictures from my father’s digicam and ate the simple feast. i forgot to take a picture of the food. all i had was the picture of the cake.

it seems that the cake symbolized what i felt that day. i can’t believe that i’ve reach 35 years. i thank God that I’m given another year to celebrate life, to share my blessings and love to my family and friends.

on the day of my actual birthday, i wen to to mass at the Cathedral and spent some time at the Blessed Sacrament. in the evening, my family had a simple dinner. i started writing in my journal, but up to now i only have two entries since that day. it seems i just can’t make myself to write in my journal often because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life…

i just hope that everything will be clear in God’s time…and with God’s grace, the truth shall set me free…


the big _5th


another birthday post…

i finally reached my 35th birthday…i hope i can make it until my 100th…

it was the most unforgettable birthday of my whole life. i don’t want to elaborate. i usually cook for a special occasion at home but this time i was not able to. i celebrated my birthday a day before. the same day i went to see two doctors, my cousin and an ENT doctor, due to vertigo. my cousin JOAN (bless her jolliness…) said it was benign positional vertigo. the ENT doctor concluded the same, and said it was due to a virus…hello…i have to look this up in the internet…anyway, the world was spinning around me and i could not walk straight (kiss my modelling dreams goodbye…).

and so we just ordered take out at our favorite chinese restaurant. these are what we ordered:
seafood roll, beef with brocolli, buttered chicken, pancit canton, and seafood in cream sauce. we bought grilled fish in our neighborhood flea market, by mom gave me a chocolate cake, and i made fruit salad…that’s it.

But, I can never thank the following people enough: God, who gave me another chance, and never gave up on me; my parents & siblings, who are always there for me no matter what, my husband and two kids, who are my life now and forever, my relatives and friends who have made my life an adventurous one…

sa inyong lahat, maraming salamat po…

until the next birthday….chow…

rice crisis…


The Philippines is suffering from rice crisis in two ways. First, there is perceived shortage of NFA rice, a more affordable variety of rice available to most poor people, and second, businessmen are taking advantage of this by increasing the price of well milled and high quality rice.

Taking stock of the situation, my thoughts came upon the Food for School Program of the Department of Education and the Arroyo Administration, which I wrote about in this blog.
What will happen to the thousands of school children who receive one kilo of rice per day during the course of the school year? What will happen to their families who depend on them and encourage them to attend school just to have one kilo of rice on their table?

I read in a major daily newspaper that the Secretary of the Department of Education assured the public that the Program will continue because they have the budget to cover for the rice allocation needs of the beneficiaries. That’s good news.

This crisis may be good news to diabetics. It’s a chance for them to cut down on the carbs intake and look for alternative food choices that is healthy and nutritious. This is all for now.



“love you ma…”

these three simple but powerful words were uttered by my two and a half year old son as i was on my way out to work this morning. i was jolted by the profound effect these words had on me. i went to him and gave him a big hug and lots of kisses. i wished that it was a saturday and i did not have to rush to work. i wished that i was a stay at home mom and had to stay with him all day. but alas, today is the middle of the week and i’m late for work.

“love you, too…”