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So Near…Yet So Far


family blogThe Family is the most basic social unit in society. It is where we learn our values and beliefs and where we get to be molded as a human being. In today’s world, there are so many dysfunctional families that exist. The basic unit of society is being torn apart by greed, consumerism, and survival. How is it so?

In the Philippines, the Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are hailed as the heroes of our country. They keep the economy afloat due to the remittances that they send their loved ones. I present to you a simple case. A middle class family struggles to make both ends meet. Father does not earn enough to support his family of six. Mother is a plain housewife. Father applies for a job abroad and incurred mounds of debt just to pay for his employment abroad. Employer does not honor original contract and slashes the wage by half. Poor father cannot tell his family of his plight in the land of milk and honey. Meanwhile, Mother receives Father’s remittance and feeling like a millionaire, spends the money in a day. The Kids also spend the money like there’s no tomorrow and indulge in vices. The Family breaks apart. The Hero is given a festive welcome by the government, but as he goes to his home, there’s no one to come home to. Sad, but true.

Still, there are families who decided to stay in our Homeland and make do with what they have. They have simple dreams, and live simple lives. And so, they do not fall into the trap of wanting more than they can have. What can we do to keep the basic unit of our society from falling apart? Each of us has a role to play, no matter how small it may seem. As parents, a little more understanding and stretching of patience can go a long way in dealing with our kids. As children, a little more respect and love for your parents who work hard to give you what you need. Just a little can go so far. May God Bless our Families…


Health is WEALTH


healthy-body-jog3 There is truth to the adage that ‘Health is WEALTH!”

My husband and I are both working. It is important that we are always in shape because our chief capital for our  work is our health. I have sort of promised to myself this year that I will monitor my food intake and do some exercise so I can manage my weight. I hope to shed a few pounds and hopefully a few kilos by the end of 2009.  It’s already March and I still have to convince myself that I need to have some sort of concrete plan to make this a reality. I come from a family with a health history of heart disease and diabetes. My mom keeps on reminding me that I need to curb my appetite in order to manage my weight and not to gain more weight. But, my love affair with food says so otherwise. I need to really get my weight down. May you witness my journey to good health. So help me God.

Sweet Reunions


Christmas is that time of the year when you just have to set aside a day for reunions.Last Christmas, I did not expect to have booked not only one day, but lots of days for sweet reunions.

Here is a picture of me with my cousins. At last, they invited me to join them on their night out…Actually, I invited myself…hehehe. It was a Saturday night. I attended our high school alumni homecoming when I saw my brother at the school. He told me that after the homecoming he will join my cousins for some cocktails at Catribo. Since I don’t have a ride home, I joined them. Wow…I did not regret my decision. Being the eldest among all cousins present, I relegated myself to being an observer and let them run the show…With our generation gap, I find it strange that they enjoy this kind of entertainment. My brother warned me beforehand, no comment please. I would have nejoyed a more relaxed and quieter ambience. Oh oh..I am getting older…hahaha.

How about this picture, minus me, of my high school classmates during our alumni homecoming. I was the one taking the picture. I like it that way…just a wallflower, a casual observer, taking it all in in my little corner of the world…I can’t express the happiness I felt when I spent some time with my high school pals. We will host our alumni homecoming six years from now. We have lots of plans and hopefully we can make it happen when our time comes. Hello to Maxxy who came all the way from Kuwait just to be with us and her family this Christmas season. Thanks for sharing your time with us Mems.

Here’s another picture of my high school pals this time at 3rd Cup with Jerico Marcos, who have resided in Davao. He was in town to attend his brother’s wedding and we could not pass the chance to meet him. It has been six years since we had been together. Four hours lounging in a relaxing atmosphere is not enough when conversations are full. We can;t seem to run out of topics to talk about. He’s planning to migrate abroad with his family. It seems to be the trend these days. Much as we like to do the same, we just don’t have the financial edge to go for it.

Well, this is a sum of my reunions with my family and friends. No matter how short the time that we spent together, it’s much better than not having spent time at all. To my family and friends, thanks for making this Christmas season one of the most memorable time in my life.

Working Mom #2 : Mental Block


so many things to do…but so little time…

my things to do list is getting longer and longer as the days go by…it’s crunch time…we have to finish our interim report by September 30…the documents we’ve requested are slowly coming in…working papers remain half-finished, if at all…and my mind goes blank as i stare at the wall to decide on my next move…if there is a next move…hahaha

so, i laugh it off…bwahahaha…after this i am going on a loooooong deserved vacation…and take advantage of my five day force leave and force myself to forget about work and recharge my mind…i can do tons of things…but let me think about that later…now, time is precious…every second counts…tick tock tick tock…oh no, i can hear the clock ticking…in my head…oh great!!!

focus your eyes on something green…to refresh your eyes and your mind…are you kidding??? the curtains in our office is green but i don’t even notice it…hahaha…

so i hope against hope with my fingers crossed that i can come up with something concrete (like an AOM…hehehe) to present before our conference on Sept. 17-18…so back to the drawing board…be critical…be analytical…consider all red flags…and DELIVER!!! (pizza???)

sorry if i sound greek to you…but to my fellow cluster four teammates…these are meaningful, powerful words…see you at the conference guys…and may HIS WILL BE DONE!!!

take care and Godbless…




“love you ma…”

these three simple but powerful words were uttered by my two and a half year old son as i was on my way out to work this morning. i was jolted by the profound effect these words had on me. i went to him and gave him a big hug and lots of kisses. i wished that it was a saturday and i did not have to rush to work. i wished that i was a stay at home mom and had to stay with him all day. but alas, today is the middle of the week and i’m late for work.

“love you, too…”

Reminiscing #1


Sunday is considered a rest day…for even God rested on that day.

For me, Sunday is my workday at home. You see, I’m a working mom with two energetic boys, aged 4 years and 1 year 7 months. I have a yaya for my youngest son. She’s a stay-out yaya. She works from Monday to Saturday. When we arrive from work, that’s the time she goes home. When she does go home, my dear son cries. How come he’s having separation anxiety for her and not for me? It’s because I’m on my way to work when he wakes up in the morning. Sigh…

What is my typical Sunday like? I wake up early, around 7 am, even though I still want to sleep late. I clean the sala, sweep the floors, wash the dishes, cook breakfast, prepare the kids’ clothes and vitamins, eat breakfast, feed them breakfast when they wake up, bathe them, then I take a bath. Then I prepare them to attend the 10:30 am mass. I’m only half concentrating during the Mass because the kids run around the church. It’s my yaya’s day off, so it’s my turn. In the afternoon, I put my youngest son to sleep on the ‘duyan’. When he’s asleep, then I can dose off, too. But not to deep, because he might fall from his hammock.

Where’s my husband when all these are happening? My husband helps me do the chores at home. But, during Sunday he wakes up late since it’s the only day he can do so. He goes to work from Monday to Saturday, and has to wake up early. I don’t want to bother him for I know it’s the only day he can sleep longer. The other things is, he’s having contact dermatitis lately. So there are chores which he cannot do, like washing the dishes, pealing the condiments, bathe the kids. So the bulk of the work rest on me.

I’m not complaining, I’m just ventilating…Hahaha, is there a difference? There may be other working mothers out there who are experiencing the same. I hope you can share your experiences with me. Somehow, it would make the load lighter.

I thank God because He has given me a day to spend with my family, serving them, laughing with them, playing with them, or just spending some quiet time. One whole day…just the four of us. Others may not be as fortunate. So, I’m not complaining. I’m very thankful for life’s endless extra challenges…

Dealing with the sudden death of a loved one


How do you deal with the sudden death of a loved one?

It was 7:45 a.m. yesterday when my tita died of a single gunshot wound to the heart. I was on my way to the office when my officemate called me and told me that she was in the hospital. I went to my mother’s house to inform her. We were both crying endlessly. We rushed to the hospital hoping that she is still alive. When my officemate texted me again, all the more I cried. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. I could not believe it. She was my dearest Tita, my second mother. I could not believe that someone woud be so heartless. Why? Why her?

My tita is a mother of three boys, age 12, 11 and 2. She is a devoted wife and a

dedicated public servant. She died in the line of duty. She was on her way to work when two unidentified suspects overtook her vehicle and shot her twice. She was usually the one who took her kids to school. Yesterday, she woke up late so her husband took the kids to school. God is merciful, for had the kids been with her, they would have witnessed the gruesome incident or become victims themselves.

She was a lawyer and the legal officer of our office. She was a strong woman, she never backs down on anything. But she also has a gentle heart. I woud usually go to her and ask her advice when I had a misunderstanding with my mother. She never fails to give me pieces of wisdom and guidance that I need in my personal and married life. During the time when emails and texts where not yet popular, she would never fail to send me cards for my birthday and other occasions. And she would always say “I love you” after we had a conversation over the phone.

She recently went abroad as part of her work. I planned to call her when she came back but I never had the chance to do so. Now, it’s too late. How do you deal with this kind of situation? Everytime I think of her, tears roll down my eyes and I would cry endlessly. She does not deserve this kind of death. It is unfair. There are so many bad people in this world and yet they are alive. Why
take a dedicated public servant, or a devoted wife, or a loving mother?

My heart is still grieving. My life would never be the same without her. My world will never be the same without her.

“Tita Vi, wherever you are, may your soul find rest in God. I will never forget you. I will always treasure every memory and every moment I have of you. You will always be in my heart for as long as I live. I love you very much.”

twice hospitalized


been to the hospital twice…

the first time was last week of may. my son, doldy, was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonitis. he had low grade fever for ten days. he was active and his appetite was the same. we treated him at home. by the seventh day, he was admitted to the hospital because the fever wouldn’t go away. rashes came out of his upper torso. we thought it was dengue fever, and was grateful that it was not. after two days, he attended pre-school.

then, ten days after he had fever again. this time it was high-grade. meaning, 38 to 39 degrees celsius and would not go down despite the paracetamol being given every four hours, plus the sponge bath and regular hydrite liquid to replenish his lost nutrients. unlike his previous fever, he was weak and would not eat much. we checked his platelet on monday. it was 275. by thursday, when the fever persisted, his platelet went down to 115 after checkup. his pediatrician suggested that we admit him to the hospital for monitoring of his platelet. he had rashes on his body as well as his legs and arms. it was the classical signs of dengue fever. we were in the hospital for two days. his platelet count remained stable. that’s a good sign because the next 48 hours after the fever has left is considered the most critical. good thing his platelet did not go below 100.

i hope his platelet count will continue to rise. it would take a while, said his doctor. i love my son and i hope that he will grow healthy and strong. i pray that there will be no more going to the hospital for a long while.

my mid-30′s wishlist


I turned 34 this year. Looking back at my life, I can say that there are still so many things that I wish to do but have not found the time. You see, I’m a working mom. I have two gorgeous little boys aged 4 and 2. My husband also works. The only time we have for our kids are after office hours and during weekends. I have a helper but she’s just part-time. When we come home from work, we take over since she goes home, too. Sunday is her day off. I hardly have time for myself. Motherhood is such a challenging vocation. I would not label it as a “job” since the reward I get is beyond financial gain. When I was still single, there are two things that I love to do, read books and do some crafts.

I love to read books. When I was in grade school, I started with the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series. I was such a bookworm, that I would read Nancy Drew in class, cover it with the current subject’s book, and pretend that I was listening to the lessons at hand. Good thing the teacher owned the Nancy Drew book I was reading, so I didn’t get into trouble. Then, I went on to read Agatha Christie and Sidney Sheldon in high school. In college, my favorite author was Robert Ludlum. I love mystery books. I get thrilled when their books are turned into movies. There might be deviations from the book, but I don’t mind. When I started working, I was into the Harry Potter series. Nope, it’s not just for kids. It’s my favorite. There are still other books that I would love to read. But, time is not on my side. You see, when I read a book, I want the time for myself alone. I want to be in the book, to jump into the pages and be engulfed in the excitement of it all. But, with two active boys who constantly fight for my attention, no time for my books.

I love doing crafts, like cross stitching, making things out of scraps, and many little kikay things. But, alas, there’s a cross stitch project that is half done and gathering dust. My scrapbook project for our wedding album, and for each of my kids is still in the gathering stage, as in gathering only the photos and acecessories but not organizing it into a scrapbook. So many projects, so little time.

I love to cook, too. I’m a big fan of Lifestyle Network. I’m a closet Martha Stewart. I wish I was a stay at home mom but I can’t afford it. Even with both me and my husband working, the budget still gets busted. Again, time is precious. So here is my mid-30’s wish list:

1. Have time alone with my husband;

2. Read all the books I want;

3. Do all the crafts that I love to do;

4. Cook ala Martha Stewart style; and

5. Travel around the world.

Am I being selfish? I hope not. Calling all seasoned mothers out there, please help me. What should I do to maximize my time, especially between personal and family time? I want to bond with my family every chance I get. But, I also want some time for myself? This is what my husband says when he sees that I’m in the verge of losing my patience, “Sweety, the kids will grow up someday. And when they do, we will have time for ourselves.” Such a sweet husband. Well, maybe i’ll just wait for that time and hope my wishes do come true.



hubby d suddenly decided that we go swimming last sunday. it was 9 in the morning and the kids just finished breakfast…well, what a nice thought. it’s been awhile since we went swimming. we decided to go to the swimming pool near our place, hilltop resort.

after hastily packing the kids’ extra shirts and pants, a towel, water, and sme essentials. we were off…yeehee!!! when we arrived there, a group of children and their parents were busily surrounding the fee collector. entrance fee for adult is P25, while it’s P15 for children. we waited…and finally decided to changes venue…my eldest son protested. with the size of the group before us, the pool wasn’t big enough…

so off we went to pasonanca park, to the tanada swimming pool…it consist of an olympic size pool, a medium sized rectangular pool and a circular pool for children…since it’s el nino time, only the children’s pool has water. the tanada pool does have water, but only knee length since it was up for cleaning…

so we dived into the kiddie pool…bruugh!!! the water was cold. but, my k did not mind. i thought that he wouldn’t enjoy it because the last time we went swimming, he was afraid of the water. what can you expect from a one year old child? hubby d was surprised, too. he accompanied my eldest son, d, while i was incharge of k...

the time went by fast…my little k did not want to go home. so does little d…but lunchtime was fast approaching and we did not bring any food except for some mamon and water. one our way home, we stopped by dodong’s lechon and bought a half kilo of lechon for lunch…

thank you for making my little boy’s wish come true…