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Food Lover


I am a food lover of two dishes, adobo and pancit canton.

Adobo, especially the pork variety, has always been my favorite. I have yet to perfect the dish. I usually cook it until the oil from the pork fat mingles exquisitely with the soy sauce mixture. Ah, if only I have a photo. I promise to have one next time. There’s a version of this dish wherein the pork is sauteed in its oil until no liquid is left, only the sumptous pork coated with the sweet sour flavor of the sauce and fat.

Pancit canton, the kind you cook from scratch, not from those ready to eat in three minute varieties, is my favorite noodle dish. It’s a comfort food which I’m learning to cook the way I wanted it to taste. There had been hits and misses, but I’m getting there. There were times when the veggies become overcooked since the noodles has not yet reached the al dente stage. Now, I cook the noodles and veggies separately. So, the noodles are perfectly cooked while the veggies still has a crunch when you bite into it.

I would like to think that I can cook my favorite dishes from scratch. Well, the heck with thinking…I might as well DO IT…Because I do more thinking than doing…hehehe…Sayang ang bagong kusina….

Hopefully next time I will have the will to take photos of dishes before I devour them. Okay, okay, let me savor them first in my mouth before sentencing them to oblivion…

Happy Eating!!!




happy 35th birthday…this was what’s left of my birthday cake from red ribbons, a gift from my mom. next to the cake is a number five candle which i saved from my son’s 5th birthday last april 20. it took me this long to write about what happened during my birthday. it was a birthday celebrated with mixed feelings. i celebrated my birthday with my extended family the day before my actual birthday, which was a holiday since the independence day was moved to this day, because of the holiday economics proclaimed by the president. my brother was leaving for Pagadian City the next day, that’s why we decided to celebrate it a day before. For my actual birthday, I filed a privilege leave from work and spent the day with my husband and children.

the two days seem like a blur, just like the photo of my birthday cake. the day before my birthday, i had a vertigo attack. i had these attacks before but this one was worse. i felt my head spinning and losing my balance. i went to store to buy my son a bag for school. the good thing was my father was in the same store. he took me to my cousin, who is a doctor. after a thorough check up, she concluded that i had benign positional vertigo and i had to see an EENT doctor for further test. in the afternoon, my husband was free, so we went to a specialist. after the check up, he gave the same conclusion and prescribed SERC for two weeks. since we didn’t have time to cook, we just ordered take out for the party.

it was a simple party. we had beef with broccoli, seafood roll, buttered chicken, pansit canton, fruit salad and the birthday cake from my mom. my mom was not able to attend because she was not feeling well. my father, sister, brother and cousin were there. we took pictures from my father’s digicam and ate the simple feast. i forgot to take a picture of the food. all i had was the picture of the cake.

it seems that the cake symbolized what i felt that day. i can’t believe that i’ve reach 35 years. i thank God that I’m given another year to celebrate life, to share my blessings and love to my family and friends.

on the day of my actual birthday, i wen to to mass at the Cathedral and spent some time at the Blessed Sacrament. in the evening, my family had a simple dinner. i started writing in my journal, but up to now i only have two entries since that day. it seems i just can’t make myself to write in my journal often because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life…

i just hope that everything will be clear in God’s time…and with God’s grace, the truth shall set me free…


the big _5th


another birthday post…

i finally reached my 35th birthday…i hope i can make it until my 100th…

it was the most unforgettable birthday of my whole life. i don’t want to elaborate. i usually cook for a special occasion at home but this time i was not able to. i celebrated my birthday a day before. the same day i went to see two doctors, my cousin and an ENT doctor, due to vertigo. my cousin JOAN (bless her jolliness…) said it was benign positional vertigo. the ENT doctor concluded the same, and said it was due to a virus…hello…i have to look this up in the internet…anyway, the world was spinning around me and i could not walk straight (kiss my modelling dreams goodbye…).

and so we just ordered take out at our favorite chinese restaurant. these are what we ordered:
seafood roll, beef with brocolli, buttered chicken, pancit canton, and seafood in cream sauce. we bought grilled fish in our neighborhood flea market, by mom gave me a chocolate cake, and i made fruit salad…that’s it.

But, I can never thank the following people enough: God, who gave me another chance, and never gave up on me; my parents & siblings, who are always there for me no matter what, my husband and two kids, who are my life now and forever, my relatives and friends who have made my life an adventurous one…

sa inyong lahat, maraming salamat po…

until the next birthday….chow…

yummy seafood


On a recent trip to Dipolog City for an official travel, our team was fortunate enough to dine for lunch at Ann’s Seafoods. We were actually planning to eat at Grandma’s, another cozy resto that serves continental fare such as pasta and sandwiches. Upon the insistence of our teammates and hosts, they took us to Ann’s. The place at the ground floor was full, as it was past 12 noon when we arrived. We headed upstairs to their conference room.

Our group ordered grilled blue marlin, kinilaw, calamares, chopsuey, and fish tinola. It took a while before our orders arrived but it was worth the wait. I even forgot to take pictures before we devoured the food. Boy, were we hungry. I can see by the look on my friends’ faces that we were more than contented. Thanks Mam Evelyn for bringing us here. Thanks, also, Mam Meriam for the libre.Hehehe…

For all you travellers out there who will pass by Dipolog City, do try Ann’s Seafood. It’s the best tasting, freshest seafood dishes I have ever tasted. Bon Appetit.