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Food Lover


I am a food lover of two dishes, adobo and pancit canton.

Adobo, especially the pork variety, has always been my favorite. I have yet to perfect the dish. I usually cook it until the oil from the pork fat mingles exquisitely with the soy sauce mixture. Ah, if only I have a photo. I promise to have one next time. There’s a version of this dish wherein the pork is sauteed in its oil until no liquid is left, only the sumptous pork coated with the sweet sour flavor of the sauce and fat.

Pancit canton, the kind you cook from scratch, not from those ready to eat in three minute varieties, is my favorite noodle dish. It’s a comfort food which I’m learning to cook the way I wanted it to taste. There had been hits and misses, but I’m getting there. There were times when the veggies become overcooked since the noodles has not yet reached the al dente stage. Now, I cook the noodles and veggies separately. So, the noodles are perfectly cooked while the veggies still has a crunch when you bite into it.

I would like to think that I can cook my favorite dishes from scratch. Well, the heck with thinking…I might as well DO IT…Because I do more thinking than doing…hehehe…Sayang ang bagong kusina….

Hopefully next time I will have the will to take photos of dishes before I devour them. Okay, okay, let me savor them first in my mouth before sentencing them to oblivion…

Happy Eating!!!